Dear Community Members

The approach to retirement is evolving because people in their 60s and 70s anticipate many good years ahead. Today’s retirees are exchanging their professional workday routines for new and engaging pursuits. Some remain in their homes, while others seek liberation from maintaining a house and a yard. 

For those who wish to age in their own homes, but need that place for recreation, Paradise Care Center is the place for you. We have professional, trained caregivers. For those looking for a more carefree, yet still independent lifestyle- Paradise is your place of enjoyment.

All our residents can participate in an array of activities which include making pottery, playing bingo, trivia, painting, or joining a club. We at Paradise Care Center offer many ways to stay physically, mentally, and emotionally fit.  

Our mission is to serve our citizens of Orlando with integrity, honesty, fairness, and professionalism. We are committed to engaging our citizens in an active lifestyle. We would like to help improve the physical and emotional health of our seniors by providing quality service. We will also offer personalized activities in a loving and respectful atmosphere. Love is the fundamental basis of Paradise Care Center. We focus on our professionalism and dedication exclusively to improving the quality of life for every senior.  

My commitment to you is to ensure this through with our compassionate staff, strong managers, and a dedicated director.

 It is my privilege to lead this extraordinary community “Paradise Care Center”.


Junior Carrascal

President and CEO